Blogger Advance SEO Setting 2024 | SEO Settings For Blogger


Blogger Advance SEO Setting

Blogger Advance SEO Setting 2024


1. Blogger Custom robots.txt

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /



First Change, Put your website URL Then eOpen Blogger - Go to Setting Option. Search Crawlers and Indexing Option Paste Blogger Custom robot txt Code.

Blogger Setting


2. Blogger Meta Tag  

<meta name="keywords" content="my tech site, tech site bd, tech site, tech site1"/>

First Edit Red Color Meta Tag Code - Replace this code from "my tech site, My tech bd etc. 
Put your website keyword. then open blogger - Go to Theme Option - Chose Edit HTML- Search Head Option Paste your Editable Code.
Blogger Meta Tag

Happy Blogging. Video Tutorial Coming Soon.


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